Wireless Issues


Nuovo membro
Serial number: 11863206064
Model: TL-WR841N


Ive purchased two of the above wireless routers. I want to use one as my primary wreless access point, which i have set up fine and tested as working… and a second wap in another room for some other devices i have.

I have followed the article here: http://www.tp-link.com/en/article/?id=74

But as soon as i turn on my second router, and try connect, it brings down all wireless internet access, for both devices. I am connected to the wireless network, but no access outside this.

Rough setup:

ISP router LAN ( | -----> | ( WAN int (TP link1) WLAN Int ( | <--------------- Second TPLink2 WLAN ( no access

Can you offer some advise maybe?

Thanks… Dave
try to follow this instead:

worked a treat… thanks a bunch 😉
Alto Basso