TP-LINK WR340GD problems,need help :S


Nuovo membro
Hi friends

Im using TP-LINK WR340GD wireless router.Today i was nicely standing in my PC and my brother in his laptop when suddenly the network access went off. We tryed to reset the router,change the config(with manual settings), also left those as automatic,restart the PC and laptop,the router and modem as well but nothing is working. My brother tryed to connect router just with PC and when he did,he ping and it works,but if we now try to connect the router with modem now(to have access in internet), we cannot ping anymore,it keeps saying: General Failure:Request timed Out.

Does anyone know where is the problem in here :S?
who did the configuration when it was working? are you sure of the settings?
can you connect only with the modem connected to the pc?
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